Junior Achievement/Business Management


Business Management:  A semester course   

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Reference for this site:  www.ja.org -- Note: Credit is given to the Junior Achievement organization of northeast, Massachusetts for the curriculum of this course.  


 www.ja.org Through this Junior Achievement program, you have the opportunity to shape the free enterprise system.  You will run your own business from capitalization to liquidation.  You will discover how effective management and hard work are the keys to business success.  You will share in the decisions your junior achievement company must make.  Your success will depend on the combined efforts of all company members. 

As you participate, you will set goals for yourself and the company.  You will learn practical information about the daily operations of a small business.  As a stockholder and member of the board of directors, you will participate in making important business decisions and develop a business plan.  As a company employee, you may earn wages for your work, commissions for selling a product or a salary for helping to manage the company.  

Gorton's Seafood Corporation employees from Gloucester, Massachusetts act as consultants from the business community.  These individuals are giving their time to help you gain insights into the world of work.  The following outline describes the major tasks your company is expected to accomplish:

 1. Organization

 2. The Business Plan

 3. Operation

 4. Liquidation

You are expected to complete a company annual report summarizing your efforts and success.  Please see the link for criteria to be used in the portfolio.



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